This might feel like home – April 7

Finally the album is on it’s way. it’s been finished a while, but in between moving countries and trying to survive as a musician, it’s taken it’s own sweet time.

But below is the first of a two part interview with Michael and Melly Mortlock about the album.



Love and how it finds us? Nothing to do with me…

kyoto screen

I’m a little weary lately
less inclined to run from what runs after me

Nothing to do with me chronicles – in snapshots – a pretty transitional part of my life – and I guess to some extent one that continues now. In my early thirties I went through a major break up, and the ensuing chaos of my life took me in a multitude of unexpected directions. Many of these directions were deceptively and heartbreakingly unhelpful, others became steadfast and enduring friendships.
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