Mini Moke (Black & Amber, 2016)

Mini Moke is a break up song, and a memory song, and a song that celebrates the possibility of healing after the hurt has started to fade.I’ve never emerged from a break-up – with a girlfriend, with a work place, with a country, with an idea, and come away unscathed. There have been times I mistakenly thought I would – that I would walk through, that I would maintain my equilibrium, only to suddenly be undone by a snatch of melody, a familiar scent, a status update.

I guess the hope of Mini Moke is that the remembering doesn’t undo us as much as it somehow helps to make us whole.


Even Jesus, baby

[When you get down to it, 2008]

You drip like honey, drip like honey
you drip like honey in my soul
and taste as warm as sunshine
you burn me brightly
burn me bright
You burn me bright your eyes like coal
As warm and rich as red wine

And maybe I oughta let you go
and maybe I oughta let you know
maybe I would if I could

but even Jesus, baby
couldn’t be that good
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Charcoal Lyrics

[Charcoal – from illumineon, 2003]

Countless faces
I’m standing
Cold, waiting
Crowd like a shadow passing
Shuffling in overcoats
Dark clothes
Someone is shouting
Electric, mega phonetic
Subway train insistent
And I’ve got pocket hands
Staring like a local

Then her eyes
Among the dead wood
Charcoal lit
And I am warm again