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TJ Eckleberg is an alternative soul singer, songwriter, producer and guitar player. This might feel like home is his sixth album – made between lives in Sydney, Berlin and Yokohama. Eckleberg featured as vocalist and songwriter on the critically acclaimed debut e.p. of The Deltahorse with Sash and Morphine’s Dana Colley; played guitar with Inga Liljestrom at Madame Claude in Berlin; Sung vocals for electronic artist Deepchild; played bass for Aussie hip hop legend Morganics; and performed alongside Ed Kuepper, Hermitude, The Whitlams, Ozi Batla, Jackie Orzcascky, and Bluejuice. Fusing soulful vocals, blues holler poetry and jagged guitars to analog basslines and sixties grooves, the album explores what it is to leave home and whether we ever really find it again.
The album is released on April 7.

This Might feel like home: TJ Eckleberg
Produced by TJ Eckleberg in Berlin, Germany November 2012
Mastered by Emanuel Geller, Salz Mastering

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This might feel like home finds the Sydney’s TJ Eckleberg caught between Sydney, Berlin and Yokohama, wondering whether once we leave behind the things we love, we can ever get back home. In this, his sixth album, stubborn exuberance, impossible hopes and lost loves ride alongside slap-back delays and soulful drum machines. Sixties Stax grooves and analog bass lines meet intimate confessions about loneliness, longing and the joys of holding on to what you’ve got.

I came to Berlin to change everything, Oh Henry, Oh Henry!
Arrived wide-eyed waiting in cold grey snow Oh Henry, Oh Henry!
I came to Berlin, to begin again…
And she said to me, you can swim out to sea
you can fly through the air, but I’ll follow you there…

[O Henry]

Berlin became a series of small homes – he worked on the critically acclaimed debut of The Deltahorse – writing songs and singing with Sash and Dana Colley (Morphine); Played guitar for Inga Liljestrom at the infamous Madame Claude; was a regular at Neukolln’s Ma Thilda with Tim Kroker (Front 242); collaborated with poledancer Makiko Hara on the John Lee Hooker clip (with Finton Mahoney); danced under railway lines for O Henry (with Michael Mortlock); played in The Silver Trail; and alongside Carlos De France, Dorothy of the Day, The Tunics, Cameron Laing and Bunnysuit; in London’s Hackney with Gavin Hammond and Delboy Wilson; Produced Delboy Wilson, Christoher Zitterbart, Carlos De France and remixed Bunnysuit, Ray Mann, and Tom Kazas.

I got the keys to the ignition baby, rain’s coming down
I got the windscreen wipers on, what can possibly go wrong?
… I got the police in my rear vision mirror, I pull my collar up,I look so sinister…
What can possibly go wrong? What can possibly go wrong?

[John Lee Hooker]

His career includes 2000s SUPERHYDRATED, the soulful When you get down to it (2008) and alt-blues West & Lime (2012). He has featured as vocalist with renowned electronic artist Deepchild; produced Ras Ronnie on ´No Disgrace´; sung with Jimmy James and Future Classic; played bass for indie hip hop legend Morganics; performed alongside Floyd Vincent, Ed Kuepper, Hermitude, The Whitlams, Ozi Batla, Jackie Orzcascky, Bluejuice, and Entropic. He has been featured as album of the week on radio 2SER and on rotation on Sydney’s radio Fbi. He currently lives between Sydney, Berlin and Osaka, Japan.

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