Mini Moke (Black & Amber, 2016)

Mini Moke is a break up song, and a memory song, and a song that celebrates the possibility of healing after the hurt has started to fade.I’ve never emerged from a break-up – with a girlfriend, with a work place, with a country, with an idea, and come away unscathed. There have been times I … Read moreMini Moke (Black & Amber, 2016)

To the bone

6th September 2017 Steven Wilson: To the Bone I’ve never really been a Steven Wilson fan, but I’m listening to the new Steven Wilson album today. There’s so much to like here. From the harmonica opening and smattering of spoken word / sampling, to the wiry cutting guitar sounds and backing vocals. Solo guitars are … Read moreTo the bone

The long game

September 1 2017 The long game Too much expectation, don’t know where to start, don’t know what would do any good, and the impatience, cause you wanna play much better by yesterday… I’m impatient. Impatience is great when it adds urgency, not so great when you want to learn something. The frustration can fuel productivity, … Read moreThe long game

Think fast patience

September 05 2017 On thinking, on fasting, on patience This week I’ve been thinking again about things I’ve read in Timothy Ferries books, and I decided to buy his latest book ‘Tools of the Titans’. For me he walks a fine line between aspirational / annoying / helpful, but it is what it is. One … Read moreThink fast patience

Ex Nihilo

August 30 2017 Ex Nihilo: Conversations with Barney about Brian Eno …what would be really interesting for people to see is how beautiful things grow out of shit, because nobody ever believes that…What would really be a lesson that everybody should learn is that things come out of nothing, things evolve out of nothing. You … Read moreEx Nihilo

Is that the song I knew?

29 August 2017 Breaking down five tracks I remember loving as a kid Rhythm Heritage / Michael Omartian: Theme from SWAT Oh come on – those disco hats! Are you kidding me…? And the horn stabs… OH! That bass piano riff is absolutely fantastic. Of course I love the chicka wah guitar and ringing high … Read moreIs that the song I knew?

Will you still love me tomorrow?

TJ Eckleberg wonders aloud on his song diary blog about what authenticity, ‘being yourself’ and ‘returning to your roots’ means in the context of being a contemporary singer songwriter who doesn’t live in the country he was born in, and doesn’t want to keep making the same album over and over again.